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MammaBear's Manners

About us

MammaBear’s Manners is a family journey. Its premise is: we as humans, should respect each other, and treat each other with kindness and respect. There are no stipulations. That all begins with good manners, as a young person. As a single parent of three, I always taught my children good manners and the value and importance of treating all fellow humans kindly. As a very protective parent, I always felt like a mamma bear, protecting her cubs. That protectiveness and concern always extended to my children’s visiting friends and anyone in need.


Thus, MammaBear’s Manners was born!

Today, we hold annual summer camps for teens, where we express the importance of good manners in all aspects of life. We have a great time with role playing, team building, self-esteem building exercises, teen driving safety, ‘after high school’ goals, games and raffle prizes.


Volunteering, community advocacy and attending community events, is also important to us. Local church food pantries and the Special Olympics are just a couple places we’ve volunteered. More of our community involvement can be found on our Instagram page.


Remember to continuously climb to the top in life… don’t forget to reach behind and beside you, to help pull your fellow human up, with you.

Our Philosophy: ALL Humans Deserve Love & Respect.